Boardmaps Software Advantages

Boardmaps is software designed to make it easier for a company’s board to work before, during, and after meetings. A feature of this application is that managers can also be included in the work. Here you can work with documents, presentations, voting, and meetings.

Benefits of Boardmaps

Boardmaps software was developed in 2011 in the USA and since then the developers have been working tirelessly to make the program as high quality and efficient as possible. The main advantages of Boardmaps should be considered:

The program prevents you from forgetting or putting aside unresolved issues. Before each of the board members, there will always be reminders about what goals have not yet been achieved, and what tasks have not been solved. The program itself structures them so that when preparing for the meeting, you are ready to discuss the most recent and relevant issues.

Preparing a plan for a future meeting becomes much easier. With a reminder in front of you of what needs to be resolved as soon as possible, you can easily plan a future meeting. This makes it much easier to plan future discussions, to provide documents for review even before the meeting.

File access control. You can manage on your own who can view or edit certain files. If there is a conflict of interest on the board of the company, it may be to your advantage that some of the participants do not see some of the materials before the discussion begins.

Fixing meeting materials. Boardmaps make it easy for a meeting moderator to capture key points discussed during a meeting. All data is stored in a virtual repository, from where they can always be retrieved for review.

It is possible to hold discussions and votes. Both during the meeting and after it, you can create questionnaires for discussion and voting. Well-defined algorithms allow transparent and fair voting.

Boardmaps is a tool not only for meetings and discussions but for delegation, task setting. Since you can involve not only the board, but also company managers to work in Boardmaps, you can distribute tasks on the board, set deadlines, and set the structure of work. When a task is completed partially or completely, you receive a message about it.

Boardmaps gives a huge optimization of management processes, allowing you to save a lot of time and, accordingly, money.

Forecasts and works with assets

Another interesting option of Boardmaps is working with assets and predicting the profitability of a project. The program can provide information about where and in what condition the assets of the enterprise are located, provide graphs and reports on their movement.

Smart algorithms, operating on asset data, can make assumptions about their future fate and give a small recommendation on how to use them.

Before the meeting

The principles of remote work suggest that all meetings are documented and held only when we really cannot resolve the issue otherwise. Priority is given to asynchronous communication, which allows the inclusion of all participants.

Is it possible to resolve the issue by discussing it in a chat, email with key thoughts, or a shared idea file? If the meeting is still needed, then determine in advance its agenda and what you want to discuss, so people will have the same expectations and preparation. For example, “we discuss ideas from file x and choose key ones.”

Write out abstracts, prepare materials, determine what you want to leave such a meeting with. This will make the call productive. According to a study by video conferencing service Highfive, 34% spend more time preparing their appearance and do not think at all about what they will present at the meeting.